As a website content writer I get to work with some great web design agencies. Agencies who are, every day, building fantastic and responsive websites for their clients … right here in The New Forest.

But how do you know you’ve chosen the right web design agency for your business?

Here’s a handy checklist:


Choose a website design and build team you gel with. If you get along it’ll be much easier to explain what you want, for them to interpret your wish list and turn it into a fantastic website that represents your brand and achieves your objective. You’re entrusting your brand to them after all, so make sure you get to know them, like them, trust them. Lines of communication will be clearer and it might even be fun too!


Get them to give you proof their websites perform! Whether that’s generating responses, improved click through to enquiry, rising up the Google rankings, gaining followers etc? They should be only too happy to share performance stats with you!


Make sure they know their stuff when it comes to the latest online and Google ranking nuances. Trends change all the time, what works, what doesn’t. Web design agencies are on the frontline so they should know what’s current, what’s relevant and what will affect you most going forward. You need to trust they’re giving you the right and most current advice.


Are they going to roll with the punches? A dynamic business environment changes, things happen and you need a team who will adapt accordingly. To appreciate what you’re up against and go with it, to work with you not against you, to have the experience and the confidence to react quickly when you need it. But it’s a two way street, keep communicating so everyone knows where they are.


Take a peek at their work, their own website, their client’s websites. Do you like what they do? Have they worked in your sector? Do they have the creative capability? Can they turn it around in a matter of weeks? Is the budget right?


Work on your website doesn’t stop on launch day, there will always be bits that need updating, changing, blogs to be uploaded, images to change or remove so make sure your web designers offer some '“after-care”! It helps to have someone on the end of the ‘phone to do the little updates and tweaks, some agencies will even do some bits for free!


Find a team who offer continuity, who will consistently deliver great service and support.

Alternatively, give me a shout if you’d like a first hand recommendation. I’m happy to help!