What's the norm when it comes to your working day?

Like many, my working day looks pretty unconventional. Just like my husband's yoga tree! But it doesn't mean I get less done. Quite the opposite actually.  If you want something done, and you want it done well, I'm your gal.

As a freelance copywriter, general workaholic (because I love it!) but above all mummy, I work the hours I need to get the job done, surpass client's expectations and still get to laugh at my husband's yoga practice.

When it comes to the working day, it's definitely not 9-5, but it never has been for me.  In a previous life (pre kids) working in advertising agencies, the day could start as early as 7am and finish anytime after 10pm.  Just as long as the job got done, on time and the client was happy, well 'thrilled' actually, then all was right with the world!  Never mind the fact that you might not have a social life or the cat hadn't been fed for days!

For me the focus has always been the job in front of me and the deadline, whether it's interviewing for the latest press release, campaign planning or writing content for a website launch.  I work the hours required.  There is always a deadline, it might be in a months time, but invariably it's tomorrow!

I've never let a client down and I don't intend to, but it does mean I work funny hours.  But is that acceptable to my clients?  Well, no-one's complained yet.  But I do wonder, am I right to assume it's OK to send a client an email at either 7am or 10 o clock at night?  Surely it's the client's prerogative when they check their emails?   I might be writing the latest blog post for a plastics manufacturer and the client might be overseas visiting customers.  I need approval before uploading it to their website.  My 7am is actually their 2pm, so I email it.

The working day has become so much more fluid.  I love working freelance, it allows me the flexibility to do a job I love (writing), use my marketing expertise (25 years), walk the dog (Elsa), be outside (a lot) and see my kids do stuff they love - yoga poses on an island at sundown! 

A recent YouGov (polling firm) survey reported that only 6% of people in the UK actually work the traditional 9-5.   Plenty of you are being just as effective (if not more so) job sharing, remote or hot desking, freelancing or working flexi-time/shifts to accommodate other life commitments.  

Surely if we have a better work life balance, it will be better for our mental state as well as our productivity levels.  I know I'm much more efficient during the hours I've designated to work, because I'm absolutely focused on delivering the best I can, every time, on time.  Only that way does my business keep moving forward.  After all - "you're only as good as your last job" - my first boss used to delight in telling me!  It's down to me, no-one else.

The aim: for every client to come back for more and happily recommend me.

So far, so good.