Something I often hear clients say.

When business owners come to me for copywriting, they're often concerned it will take up valuable time they simply don't have.  It won't.

Whether it's for a blog post, strapline, brochure or website, I don't need much from you to get started. 

It's a really simple process, we just need a little time to chat:

1) I'll do a little background research before we talk.

2) We talk (over 'phone or in person) - I ask questions to get the info I need.

2) I listen - tell me what you do, buyer behaviour, what you need to achieve.

3) Research - I'll investigate your product, market, competitors, likes/dislikes, successes and failures.

4) The magic - all that info whirs and settles in my brain.

5) I start writing.

6) You'll receive a Word Document with all your content.

7) You're free to amend, delete or add any other info you like (so far, I haven't had a client change much!)

What are you waiting for?

Let's get cracking.