No, not a a small slow-moving Old World lizard with eerily protruding eyes that rotate independently! But I do have the ability to adapt to my surroundings!!

I adapt every day in order to understand my client’s business and morph the words I write to suit their tone of voice. I write content that sells what they do, to initiate a response from their target audience, whether it’s on a leaflet, website, press article or blog post.

“Prove it!” you say? Ok, well in the last 24 hours, I’ve written content for a Pilates instructor (teacher, sorry not instructor), a mortgage and investment planning adviser, as well as blog posts for the cruise ship and Superyacht industry.

Earlier in the week I was talking to a chiropractor who helps his patients with their long term health and wellbeing, a builder who’s doing amazing things to improve people’s living spaces (think real-life DIY SOS!) and a local manufacturer innovating and tooling global products, virtually on our doorstep!

It’s a privilege to get to know my clients and what they do, to get under the skin of their business, understand their objectives (both business and marketing ones), identify target audiences, buyer and non-buyer behaviour, the market and competitors. Just some of the things I review before putting pen to paper or finger to keypad! Then I’ll come up with the most compelling content strategy for their audience, do the research, interviews and write the copy.

I've spent a 25 year career getting to grips with different client’s objectives; from high quality eyewear in an hour (Vision Express) to international business machines (IBM), non mains LPG solutions (Calor Gas) right through to local SME’s offering battery applications (Alpha House Ltd) and an increasingly popular Lymington based nursery (Shallowmeads) - so I’m used to listening, understanding and delivering.

So, whatever you’re doing, I can write about it!

Go on … test the chameleon!!