Like a deadline, the last day of the week seems to focus the mind, the thought of the weekend ahead, having a break, taking time out with the kids.

I don’t know about you, but I get a regular flurry of new business enquiries, approvals on jobs I’ve quoted for and writing commission sign off’s during a Friday afternoon. It got me thinking, is it the impending deadline of the weekend and needing a clean slate before Monday that focuses people’s minds on getting stuff done or is it just that they’ve managed to get through another week, fire fighting, fielding enquiries, managing the day to day chaos? I think people just want to get another thing off their plate before they have a breather.

Either way, it’s always a privilege when a new client asks for help, I get that fire in my belly at the thought of a new challenge, whether it’s blogging about filter manufacture, website for the building trade, marketing literature for the latest battery application or a case study for a new garden design.

Above all, I love getting stuff done. So, if you’ve got a writing job that fills you with dread every time it pops into your head, hand it over. Then you can concentrate on the weekend!

After all it’s “getting stuff done Friday!'“