If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. If you value what you do, your business, your reputation and your customers, put a value on obtaining every single one of them.

That, right there, is your marketing budget!

If you value the perception your customer has of you, if you’d like them to remember you, to retain the information you leave with them, put a value on the material you put together to sell whatever it is that you do or offer.

After all, if you pay peanuts ….. you get …. ??

If you don’t value your marketing initiatives and spend accordingly on doing the best you possibly can, first time round, then you’ll end up spending twice as much in the long run. Initiatives won’t be as effective, messages won’t cut through the clutter and won’t achieve the results you were after in the first place.

If a client doesn’t ask for “great” it’s because they don’t really know what “great” looks like so it’s up to us to show them.