I was so excited to have been approached by The National Museum for the Royal Navy (NMRN) to pitch for writing all the content for their 2019 season customer leaflets (12 pages of DL) and even more thrilled to win!

Leaflets for each of their fantastic and jaw dropping naval museums: Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, HMS Trincomalee in Hartlepool, HMS Caroline in Belfast and the Fleet Air Arm over in Yeovilton. All amazing venues teaching kids about history through fully immersive, hands on (head-ducking!) and digitally interactive exhibits on vessels which have actually been slap-bang in the thick of the action, from the Battle of Trafalgar to the Second World War.

All of the above was already the icing on the cake, but the sprinkles on that icing had to be the news that Horrible Histories and UK Scholastic were teaming up with NMRN to launch the UK’s first ever Horrible Histories Exhibition at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, so whilst the content had to be in keeping with the tone you’d expect from the Royal Navy there also had to be a pirate style element which had to be informative, fun, capture the imaginations of kids but also be approved by NMRN and the team over at Horrible Histories.

It wasn’t until I’d exhausted all research avenues, immersed myself in all things naval and Jolly Roger, mulled over ideas and key messages that I was ready to sit down and actually start writing. When I was happy that it was as good as it could possibly be, I submitted it to the marketing team …. and didn’t see it again until yesterday when it was actually in print, on a beautifully designed leaflet. I’m very proud to say they loved my content and didn't request a single re-write.

Thank you to the fabulous marketing team over at NMRN for being so inspiring, professional, hugely supportive and appreciative.

Horrible Histories Pirates The Exhibition opens 6th April 2019, so grab your cutlass, hoist the mainsail and brace yourself for the UK’s first interactive pirate adventure for buccaneers of all ages, right on your doorstep in Portsmouth!!

For tickets visit historic dockyard.co.uk